Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fink for Ironman Wales 2013

Monday 11th February sees the start of my 30 week plan to get me to Ironman Wales on 8 September.
I will be following the Don Fink Competitive Plan, having read the book, done the research & chatted to a few Ironman finishers I opted for the competitive plan.  The way I see it, if I need to wind back the intensity or the time I can drop back to an intermediate plan at say week 10 without losing anything, if I started at a 'Just Finish' programme there's nowhere to go if it all gets too much.

Weeks 1-10 are a base phase, it assumes you've done some physical exercise in the previous 6 weeks so no problem there.  The first few weeks are pretty straightfoward & I'm looking forward to getting into the programme.

More on Monday as I start the journey to Ironman Wales.

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