Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 2 - Swim & Run

Too much kit? This is what I ended up lugging to the gym/health club today to do my first 2 sessions of the Fink programme.

First session of the 2 today was a swim session that looks like this............
300m warm up
8x50m drills
12 x 100m @ 20 sec
8x50m drills
200m cool down

Simples eh?  So for the uninitiated what does this mean?  Well first off there's a 300 metre warm up swim, so in my 20 metre pool thats 15 laps front crawl.  Then here's the problem, doing a 50 metre drill in a 20 metre pool is kind of hard so I changed this to 10 x 40 metre drills.  A drill being where you focus on technique or isolate a part of your body with a float or a pull buoy or hand paddles.  Next the main set, 12 x 100m @20 sec is swim 100 metres (5 lengths) at race pace front crawl when complete rest for 20 seconds then repeat 11 more times.  Great you even get a rest in the workout.  Back to drills again, I adapted this again and did 4 x 100 metres sets, arms only with a pull buoy, some paddle work & some stroke work to increase stroke length.  Finish off with 200 metres of easy swimming.  Total distance an easy 2500 metres in just under an hour all front crawl.
You'll see I have 2 watches in the picture above, one is a Timex Global Trainer, a GPS based HRM & multi sport timer, the other is a PoolMate Pro which rather cleverly without the aid of GPS just accelerometers calculates lengths swum, distances, stroke count & efficiency.  So no more lap counting, just press start at the beginning of a set & pause at the end & it does the rest.  The Timex watch I use for running & gym work to monitor heart rate via an ANT+ HRM strap.

Quick shower & into running kit & hit the treadmill.  This session is 30 minutes in HR Zone 2 for me that's 134 - 151 bpm.  After setting off at around 12 kph pace I settled back after 3 or 4 minutes to around 11 kph & ran in HR zone 2 for 30 minutes, covering just over 6 km, not that I'm interested in distances.

I ate an energy gel poolside after about 45 minutes & then ate a protein bar after finishing the run.

Tomorrow is a bike & run day, focussing on the transition from cycle to run & training the body to cope with these changes & getting used to running with 'jelly legs'.

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