Thursday, 14 February 2013

Day 4 Swim & Spin

Todays swim looked like this.

300m warm up
4 x 100m drills
4 x 120m @ 20 secs
4 x 200m @ 30 secs
4 x 120m @ 20 secs
4 x 100m drills
200m cool

3060 metres, that I can honestly say is the farthest I have ever swum in a swimming pool ever.  Felt tired at the end but picked up quickly after a peanut butter energy protein bar & energy drink.  Over 5 km swum already this week.

Next onto the turbo trainer for the cycle workout.

30 minutes at 100+ rpm in HR Zone 1.  Settled in quickly to this one then HR climbed a bit out of Zone 1 around the middle as I stopped concentrating on breathing effectively, ended up covering around 9 miles in the garage!  Gotta love a Garmin 800 + cadence sensor & a wheel magnet!

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