Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Day 8 & 9

Day 8 was a rest day spent working from home after an aborted attempt to get into London to the office on Farce Great Western.  Nothing much to say really apart from rest days are important, make the most of them.

Day 9 Tuesday 19th Feb, todays session is swim & run.  I got the run out of the way around 11am as a break in calls and meetings allowed me to get out in the glorious sunshine on Greenham Common, ran for 45 minutes which is a little over the plan but it was so lovely out there today.  Back to work again, grabbed a protein bar & made a sandwich to eat at my desk.
Finished up with work and headed for the pool for tonights session which looks like this.

300 metre warm up
4 x100 metre drills
400m @ 60 secs
400m @ 60 secs
400m @60 secs
4 x 100 metre drills
200 metre cool down

2520 metres in all in 58 minutes.

Even after just a week I felt much better about swimming tonight, felt good at the end nowhere near as tired as last week.  

During the day the postman brought gifts, 2 tubs of Gatorade Lemon Pro Perform, it's the drink of the course on Ironman Wales, may as well get used to the stuff just in case it doesn't do it for me, also need to start trying Power Bar Gels as these again are the on course nutrition on Ironman Wales.  I've tried them before, not my favourite, I much prefer GU, especially the Peanut Butter flavour which is only sold in the US, boo!  Proper planning & preparation prevents piss poor performance.

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