Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Day 3 Cycle & Run

Today was a brick day, in other words today I put 2 parts of the 3 together, cycling & running.
Started off on a spin bike at the gym, 30 minutes at a relatively high cadence (leg speed) in HR zone 2.  HR zones are different on a bike because the body and heart are stressed in different ways cycling compared to running.  Max heart rate on a bike is calculated at 95% of actual max, therefore Zone 2 heart rates when cycling are different to heart rate Zone 2 when running.

HR Zone 2 running 134-151 bpm
HR Zone 2 cycling 130-147 bpm

A quick change is important and in my case today I slipped quickly into trainers and hit the treadmill 90 seconds after stopping cycling.  I need to train my body to get used to the change from cycling to running and to get used to running with 'jelly legs'.

Now I needed to up my heart rate quickly, so speed increased to 14kph for a few minutes then settled down to 12 kph for the remainder of the session, only 15 minutes on the treadmill and 45 minutes overall.

Tomorrow is a swim and bike day, it's going to be hard to get both sessions in, they don't have to be back to back which is good.

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