Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 18 & 19 Swimming, Running, Spinning

As expected Thursday was a challenge to get a 1 hour swim & a 45 minute spin session in before having to drive to Kingston again.  It didn't happen, I swam the 2500 metres with drills at the pool then had to dash home, pack & drive to Kingston for meetings all day & an overnighter as well.

Thursday evening we had a wine tasting with Graham Mitchell - The Wine Explorer

15 of us sat around a table trying some fantastic wines and of course with a tasting you don't actually drink that much.

Friday morning up early & out running in Richmond Park, at 7am most of the traffic gates are still locked shut so the park is quiet apart from cyclists & runners, most of the cyclists seemed to be on nice TT bikes, saw a few Cervelo's whizz by & a few Felt DA's, most if not all of the runners were in their 70s, apart from me of course.  As nice as it was at 7am, the weather had other ideas, a thick grey heavy sky let forth a cold penetrating rain that went straight through clothing and sat on your chest reminding you it's not Spring yet.

An hour later I'm back eating a hearty breakfast before more meetings & eventually managing to get away early to beat the traffic & the Kingston one way system.

Back home, I set up the turbo in the kitchen to do my 100+ rpm session for 45 minutes that I missed on Thursday.

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