Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 26, 27, 28 & 29

Fridays run that I promised would be outdoors, wasn't, it was miserable all day so I opted for the comfort of the gym and the treadmill, 30 minutes, job done plus a bit of strength training with some free weights.

Saturdays ride was cold, very cold, last weeks glimpse of Spring has well and truly gone away, roads were horrible, wet, muddle and slippery so reverted to the old bike or winter bike as it will now forever be known.

Sunday up early and out running outdoors on Greenham Common, yay!  Except it was Arctic out there, barely hovering above zero and with a wind chill of about -10c, lovely.  Still 45 minutes in HR Zone 2, job done, home showered and off to Twickenham for the day for England v Italy.  Way too many Guiness consumed!

Monday back to work but a rest day, what with going out early Sunday it feels like 2 days off which is great, gives my body lots of chance to recover, repair and grow stronger for the week ahead.  Snow for tonight maybe even 6cm being forecast, luckily it's a swim and run session tomorrow so could do the run indoors if need be.

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