Sunday, 17 March 2013

End of Week 5

So Friday was a straightforward enough day, 1 hour run in HR Zone 2, duly completed out on Greenham Common in the miserable drizzle that's arrived, cold as well.  Soaked to the skin it was an uneventful afternoon with the relief of central heating to come back to.

Saturday was a busy family day, my son was playing Judo in a national judo competition in High Wycombe (he won a Bronze Medal to go with last years Silver), my daughter needed taking to a ballet lesson, so opted to do the latter & stuck the bike in the boot.  The weather was dreadful to start with, torrential rain but no wind & I needed to put in 1 hour 45 minutes in HR Zone 2.  A completely unknown route for me, I just picked my way across country & ended up in Streetly which is famous for it's hill, which today I avoided.  By the time I headed for home, the wind was up & the sun was out & it had stopped raining, several places along the road near Pangbourne were completely flooded & I needed to unclip from pedal & freewheel through the giant puddles to try & keep my feet dry.  The slog back along the A4 from Theale was all into a strong headwind which meant controlling heart rate was tough along with trying to maintain a decent forward speed.
5 minutes from home & I have a puncture, I timed myself, this was in the rear tyre & it took me 4 minutes to be up & riding again.  Job done, 1hr 45 minutes ride time covering 28 miles through Berkshire.

Sunday, up early get the run out of the way, 1 hour in HR Zone 2, within moments of leaving home it's snowing, heavily & it keeps on snowing throughout the hour I'm running, in fact it only stopped snowing as I write this at around 4pm.  Soaked to the skin & very cold it's good to be home again for a decent breakfast & the day is still ahead of me.

Week 5 done, so 1/2 way through the Base phase.  Totals to date.

Swim - 25,840 metres so just over 25 km & over 10 hours in the pool

Cycle - 233 miles & 14 hours in the saddle

Run - 106 miles in 15 hours

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