Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 20 Cycle

Out on the Venge for the first time, really noticeable difference between the Venge & my Felt Z6, the Venge just wants to be smashed all day long, it climbs effortlessly on the big ring on hills I'm normally on the small ring for, average speed is up about 2 mph on similar routes, so far, love it, big thumbs up.  Plus other cyclists do double takes, it really is a stunning looking machine.

Did a 2 hour ride, should have been 1:45 but hey ho, it was pleasant enough, dry & sunny at times, covered about 34 miles through the Berkshire countryside.

Bike washed & dried, kit bag packed & race kit sorted for Bath Half Marathon tomorrow.  The only thing I'm worried about tomorrow is parking in or at this rate somewhere near to the City Of Bath.  Bath is a pain in the ass on the best of days and tomorrow there are 12,000 runners + their families & assorted hangers on.  Early start as well, up at 6, away and on the road by 0630.

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