Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Day 30 & 31 Mash up

Tuesday was back to the pool, a quite enjoyable session to be fair, the main set was straightforward & I enjoyed the whole swim, pool temp is still on the high side for my liking but I guess you need to cater for families and young kids in a private health club, if you want cooler water, head for the municipal baths.  Or to quote the Comic Strip Presents a Fistfull Of Travellers Cheques.............

Miguel: [complaining to hotel manager] How come there's no soft toilet paper? 
Mr. Bastardos: This is the "Hotel Bastardos"! You want the soft toilet paper? You go to the Hotel Gayboy! 

Todays swim session looks like this.

300m warm up
8 x 50m drills
1 x 300m @40secs
3 x 200m @30secs
1 x 300m @40secs
8 x 50m drills
200m cooldown

Job done.

A run in the afternoon on Greenham Common, yay outdoors again, beautiful day, to look at, bitterly cold East wind meant temperature barely above freezing with wind chill dragging it down to probably around -5c.

Wednesday, should have been a brick day cycle & run but I need to be in London Thursday so moved Thursdays session to Wednesday & Wednesday to Thursday, it can't hurt at this stage.

Swim was easy to remember, 2500 metres non stop at 75% max effort, job done in 53 minutes.

That leaves the little matter of a 45 minute session at 100+ rpm to be done this evening, maybe in the garage, maybe if I ask nicely my wife will let me do it in the kitchen in front of the iMac with a movie on!

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