Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 21 Bath Half Marathon

Early start to get into Bath & parked up before the start of the race, actually turned out pretty easy going, parked up a mile from the race village in the end, the downside being the £8.50 parking charge.
Team Jackie members met up on the Royal Crescent at around 0845 for press interviews & photographs with local press, word was that the team had raised around £75,000 to date, incredible.

It was cold today, even Bath residents were commenting on the fact that Bath rarely has a frost & this morning there was a frost and a temperature of around -2 c.

Race start time was 11am so the main effort now was staying warm before the race started.

Bags dropped off, last minute potty visit & I'm on the start grid for my predicted time of 1:45.

The gun goes off and I'm over the start line withing 2 or 3 minutes & into my stride quickly, the first 3 miles flew by quickly, lots of spectators, lots of noise.
Mile 4.5 and a Lucozade drinks station, grab a bottle down half of it & crack on for the 10km time check 46:22, well ahead of schedule.

Into the second loop and I maintain a good pace passing many runners who are running out of steam at the 10 mile mark.  Into the final mile & I can't get the elusive 1:30 but I still cross the line in 1:34:27.

Today Monday is a rest day, legs & hips are a little tight but overall feeling good.

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