Monday, 25 March 2013

Another week done

Week 6 ended with the 2 coldest days for outdoor training weve had so far.  The forscast for Saturday was rain in the morning & drying out in the afternoon, so the plan was to do the long ride Saturday afternoon, in the dry.

I awoke Saturday morning to the sound of silence, no sound of water trickling off roofs, no sound of rain lashing windows.  Hmmm things are looking up maybe I can get a dry ride in this morning?  I threw back the curtains to be met with the glare of bright white snow on the ground and thick snow falling heavily & constantly.
Hey ho, train hard, fight easy and all that.  On with the thermals & out on the hybrid for 2 hours off & on road, even up and over Walbury Hill.  The added weight of the hybrid & the extra width of the tyres made progress slower than normal, the biting wind & snow made the ride rather uncomfortable, but it was done & I had the rest of the day to do other stuff.

Sunday I was up early, it's my birthday but I'm out doing my long run at 8am, back home by 10 past 9 from the sub zero conditions in time for a family breakfast & presents including 2 Triathlon books & a Garmin cadence & speed sensor, how thoughtful of my family!

Lunch out with parents & sisters family, the rest of Sunday was spent vegetating in front of the TV with a movie, log burner on full & a few glasses of wine.

There has to be an end to this weather, sadly it doesn't look to be coming soon, the icy grip looks set to remain for at least another 10 days, spoiling yet another holiday weekend coming up.

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