Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Week 6

Monday was the usual rest day.
Tuesday started off well after dropping kids at school I headed to the pool for the swim session which just seemed to fly by, I also felt stronger in the water again, it's strange but I swear I could feel the water better today and was able to glide easier rather than fight the water, weird.

Tuesdays swim was as follows.
300m warm up
5 x 100m Drills
12 x 100 @ 20 secs
5 x 100m Drills
200m cool down

2500 metres total.

In the afternoon an hour run in HR zone 2 on Greenham Common.

Wednesday was spent in London and upon arriving home I got the turbo trainer out of the garage and sat in the kitchen in front of the best of Red Nose Day on BBC iPlayer for 45 minutes in HR Zone 2 followed by a quick change and out for 15 minutes running on Greenham Common, loving all this outdoor stuff and it was still daylight just.

Slight worry about the fact I have either started going down with a cold or maybe an allergy, will see what develops....................

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