Thursday, 7 March 2013

Day 24 & 25 Spinning, Running, Swimming & Spinning

Couple of busy days hence no updates.
Yesterday was a gym trip for a 30 minute cycle in HR Zone 2 followed by a 15 minute run on the treadmill in HR Zone 2.  I'm looking forward to being able to do the outside on the road & in the light when the daylight comes back our way as we head into Spring, for the forseeable though, this session will be an indoor one.  Not a lot to add really, cycling on your own amongst a row of spinning bikes isn't exactly fun, nor is the treadmill but it's all time in the zone that counts.

This morning was a trip to the pool after the school run for a session with drills & a main set of some 1200 metres and covering 2500 metres overall.  My left shoulder started to get sore on Tuesday evening, so much so that it woke me in the early hours of Wednesday morning with a dull ache.  All seemed OK this morning albeit a little stiff to start with, fingers crossed no long term damage.
Swim done back home to work, then at lunchtime a break and 30 minutes on the turbo trainer spinning at 100+ rpm in HR Zone 1.

Now 3 relatively easy days ahead, a run tomorrow, outside at least, whatever the weather, a ride Saturday for a few hours & running again Sunday before heading to Twickenham for England v Italy.

Some new kit arrived this morning as well, it's all good for morale.

SRAM Quick View Mount for Garmin 800 GPS

More new toys hopefully arriving in the next few days.............................................

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