Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Week 7 - Sunshine at last

The highlight of the week had to be the appearance of the sun for most of the week which meant cycling and running was all conducted outdoors.  The fact that the cold East wind is still blowing hard meant temperatures remain unseasonably low, I mean really low, like January low.

The dry weather meant the Venge got used again for just the second time, a 40 mile ride on Saturday but sadly that ended with a minor niggly fault in that the front mech stopped working due to a loose or faulty connection somewhere so the bike has gone back to Specialized to be sorted, hopefully I will have it back tomorrow fixed and ready to go.

Swimming is improving in terms of the mere fact I feel so much stronger in the water, not quicker just stronger and much less tired after 2500 - 3000 metres of ploughing up and down the pool.  Clearly my stamina is growing after coving some 35 kilometres in the past 7 weeks at an average of 5 km a week, that will move to around 9 km a week in weeks 11-20, something I never thought I could achieve 7 weeks ago.

Running is also noticeably improving just merely by the fact I have to work so much harder to get in and stay in HR zone 2 now, consequently distances covered in the 60 -75 minute run sessions are creeping up to over 8 miles in 75 minutes.

Week 8 will be great as I'm taking the week off work, I can train whenever I want but will be aiming to get it all done early and have the rest of the day with my family wherever I can.

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