Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bike failures & other things that are sent to try us

Saturday I planned a big ride, some 85 miles from home to my brother-in-laws in Walton On Thames, Surrey.  I planned it on a website called www.ridewithgps.com an excellent resource if you have a GPS bike computer like the Gramin Edge 800.
So all was going well until mile 55 around Addlestone, Surrey when the rear mech hanger came off.  Now these things are meant to break if you crash on the drive side, this hadnt broken, it just stripped its threads and the bolts holding it to the rear dropouts came away.

After some swearing, cursing and even a visit to a bike shop that was a mile from my breakdown I got it fixed at Sigma Sport in Kingston in the end so all's well that ends well.

Sunday I was out and riding around Surrey, up and over Box Hill.

In a way this was a blessing in disguise, what if this happend in the race itself?  Game over.
What if it happened on holiday in Portugal?  Likelehood of tracking down a spare?  None to zero.

This week to make up for missing a few hours I'm taking Thursday afternoon off to put in some hilly miles that I missed Saturday.

The heatwave continues, training continues regardless, cycling in this heat I can deal with, running for 2 plus hours in 25-34 degree heat is becoming rather tiresome & boy is it tiring.

On the plus side, my stats since the start of the Fink programme are looking impressive, especially swimming, now well over 100 miles swum so far & still about 7 weeks to go so at least another 60km to swim before the day!

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