Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The road to Ironman Wales, Tenby, September 8 2013

Tenby, on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast is home to the now annual Ironman Wales triathlon.
Now in it's third year, the 2013 event will take place on September 8th 2013 starting at 7am with a 2.4 mile sea swim, followed by a 112 mile cycle ride & finished off with a 26.2 mile marathon run all to be completed within 17 hours of the starting gun at 7am.

The individual events have cut off times of 2.5 hours for swim completion from start, 10.5 hours to complete the ride from start of the swim & 17 hours to finish the marathon from the start of the swim. 

In 2011 the swim had to be moved to a different beach at the last minute as the tail end of a hurricane came through the area, in 2012 air temperature barely rose above 12c with high winds & rain battering the area.  The bike route has over 2400 metres of vertical climb over the 112 mile route, there are 4 climbs that peak at 22%.  In 2012 the race director opened the athletes briefing with the words 'Welcome to the toughest Ironman race in the world'

This blog is intended to record for posterity my road to Tenby 2013 where I intend to complete Ironman Wales in under 17 hours.

I will post at least weekly from February 11th when my 30 week training plan starts.

In the meantime have a look at these websites for more information on Ironman, Triathlon & Ironman Wales 2013.

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